The Rising Demand of Business Coaching for Companies in the UAE

2b LimitlessNovember 3rd, 2021

Organisational research shows that there is no limit to the available talent resource in the market place – but people are quickly realising that unleashing, developing and aiming that talent is not always done effectively. Business coaches and executive performance coaches are specifically trained to help unlock potential, help teams align their talent and turn that potential into realised performance. 

Business coaching is high in demand in the UAE aspost-pandemic new businesses seek high performance partnerships to make better decisions and thrive amongst so much opportunity and challenge.

2b Limitless are partnering with teams and organisations around the region to not only help them accelerate out of the Covid curve, but also train leaders in executive coaching so they can optimize the performance and well-being of their employees and staff.

Dynamic marketplace changes have accelerated the arrival of a new type of work and initiated innovation and skill development opportunities. Unsurprisingly, the top five most sought-after skills are all about how we think, learn, analyze, solve problems, and innovate — all of which are the pillars of coaching. Being an active learner is the most potent antidote to solving unfamiliar problems.

Why is the UAE preferred for corporations and startups?

The UAE is rising as a preferred “corporations and startup hub” worldwide in the entrepreneurial view. The broad scope of business plans, tax advantages, low-cost startup opportunities, advanced infrastructure, and access to foreign trade routes are beneficial features.

The demand for business coaches and leadership coaches in the UAE continues to grow as new startups emerge. Administrators, owners, and experts are eventually compensated for the quality of their decisions, but having a qualified strategic thought partner can massively enhance the quality of those decisions.

Several demonstrated business-developing policies can allow business coaches to build pipelines of fresh, motivated clients ready to pay a premium for their services. By utilizing some of these strategies, business coaches can create a significant and highly lucrative career for themselves, provided that they are qualified, credible and effective.

Why do corporations and startups actively look for business coaches?

Business owners who are starting corporations and startups want to understand the strategy of setting and accomplishing business growth goals. A business coach helps them draft and prioritize goals and strategies that will help them get closer to their desired result.

Let us go in-depth to understand the benefits a business coach provides to organizations:

  • Experience: Business coaches are experienced in business ideas and challenges. They understand how to tackle unfamiliar problems smartly. They use their expertise to enhance the company’s growth and success. 
  • Unbiased Third-Party insights: Unlike friends, relatives, partners, and colleagues, business coaches provide an effective space to challenge teams and enhance the company’s growth. Certain times, people we know may give biased advice, but for actual success, an experienced performance coach will build a high performance environment based on highly developed methodologies to help executives make better company decisions.
  • Help the founders and executives Navigate Challenges And Meet Goals: One of the significant benefits a business coach provides to an organization is that they help them overcome the challenges they are facing and help achieve the targeted goal. 
  • Keep the founders on the right track: The company head is overloaded with making the best decisions for their organization. Often they feel lonely at this place as they have no one to consult with. But, a business coach can be an asset as the business owners can turn to them for qualified counsel.
Which roles do business coaches take part in to make such a huge impact in the industry?
  1. They communicate with clients to understand their vision and goal: A Business coach learns everything about the company, from its strategy to targeted customers to existing competitors.
  2. Assisting clients with their company growth and strategy: After analyzing and understanding everything, the business coach plans SMART goals that are Strengths based, Motivational, Adaptable, Relevant to Purpose and trackable. 
  3. Assisting client’s strengths and weaknesses and guiding development: A business coach’s significant role is to analyze the client’s potential strengths and weaknesses. A business coach uses clients’ strengths to enhance company growth and inspires clients to leverage those strengths to drive performance and eliminate vulnerabilities. 
  4. Helping clients grow their business from inception: A business coach guides business owners at the start of their startup to make profitable decisions to help them achieve success. 
  5. Assisting clients in developing their personal skills: People are highly talented, but their talents are often unexplored and underdeveloped. The business owners and executives have potential but what they lack is strategic counsel. A performance coach enables them to explore their latent talents to drive performance. 
  6. Guiding clients to complete necessary business growth tasks: Business coaches support their clients to take essential steps to grow their business and achieve their goals. They continuously boost the hidden caliber of their client. 
  7. Monitors business growth and establishes methods for improvement: A business coach regularly monitors business growth and provides challenges, frameworks and tools to improve company performance and work in a clear path to accomplish the goal.
  8. Analyzes strategic plans that have added to the company’s successes or failures: Be it be success or failure, a business coach takes both into account. They help their clients make sense of the metrics that led to the company’s success, and similarly, they also identify the causal factors that lead to the company’s success. Their only motive is to make the organization successful.
How 2b Limitless creates world-class leaders?

2b Limitless are the creators and deliverers of the APC courses, founded by Mick Todd in 2004. 2b Limitless is a multi-award winning professional coaching and training organization focused on Strengths, Engagement, Performance, and Transformation. 2b Limitless was awarded the  Acquisition International UAE Executive Coach of the Year in 2016 and International Advisory Experts UAE Executive Coach of the Year in 2017.

2b Limitless APC courses are accredited by The Association of CoachingThe International Coaching Federation, and The CPD Standards Office in the United Kingdom.

2b Limitless powerfully delivers transformational coaching solutions across a wide range of business topics. It provides coaching to professionals and coaches starting their professional journeys and C-suite executives who are at the helm of large international corporations. 

The APC courses are designed to provide coaches and leaders with the tools, skills, and knowledge to unlock human potential. Successful candidates will understand the counter-intuitive psychological theories of motivation and decision making and the applied coaching competencies that can unleash the best version of others and help them find both meaning and performance.

Book the next APC workshops in February 2022 so you can get accredited and be a certified performance and business coach before you start to set up your own coaching business in the UAE.

Why is formal accreditation from 2b Limitless preferred by professionals, coaches, and individuals seeking professional and personal development? 

Professionals and individuals prefer the APC courses from 2b Limitless as it is an interactive programme. The courses have a blend of theory, coaching practice, critical thinking discussions, reflections, interactive exercises, self-study, the completion of a written learning journal and real world experience. 

2b Limitless provides coaching worldwide and online one-to-one to 

  • Professionals who manage or lead other people in the workplace
  • Professionals involved in learning and development and/or human resources
  • Individuals looking to create flexible working opportunities in private coaching
  • Coaches who have yet to achieve formal accreditation
  • Professionals who mentor and develop other colleagues
  • Individuals seeking professional and personal development.

The APC courses from 2b Limitless allow you to differentiate yourself from other coaches as an Accredited Coach with the Association for Coaching certificate and the 2b Limitless Award in Performance Coaching. It eventually helps you to intensify your resume and LinkedIn profile with an approved coach accreditation. Also, It allows you to promote your coaching service with more confidence and credibility.

What qualifications will you achieve from the 2b APC courses?

On completing the APC courses and successfully fulfilling the Association for Coaching requirements, successful trainees will receive:

  • 2b Limitless APC Award in Performance Coaching
  • Use of 2b Limitless APC coach logo on your business cards and email signature
  • Association for Coaching Foundation Coach/Foundation Executive Coach Accreditation
  • Use of AC logo on your business cards and email signature
  • Membership with the AC and access to full member benefits.
Is it the right time to make a career as a business coach?

A big YES! Post-pandemic, we have seen a massive rise in new startups and corporations starting in the UAE. Business owners need proper guidance to enhance their business growth and build a strong brand in the market. An experienced business coach can be an excellent asset for the company.

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