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    “Because Your World, Needs You at Your Best”

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    Nobody ever comes to us and says, ‘I would like to be average… Can you help me with that?’

    Our work is all about extraordinary people, teams and organisations doing amazing things…
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    “Leading Professional Coaching & Training Firm of the Year 2022- Middle East”

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    “Executive Coach of the Year 2022 – Finance and Legal Sector”

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    “Executive Coaching Expert of the Year in the Middle East 2023”

‘We Care Personally and Challenge Directly’
Globally Recognized Corporate, Personal, Executive Leadership Coaching and Training Company Headquartered in Dubai.
We are there to open up and hold the space for great individuals, teams and organisations to go to the next level!

2b Limitless, is a distinguished coaching powerhouse led by the award-winning Mick Todd and Peter Charles Turner. We empower individuals, elite teams and organizations to unlock unprecedented potential through inspirational strengths-based learning experiences. Serving visionary C-suite leaders worldwide through to high performing teams and front line managers. Our mission is to help others succeed. We serve as the gateway to transformative success and unparalleled excellence. Because Your World Needs You at Your Best!

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What Are
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About Us

  • Why I am the leader that I am

    2byb has changed ‘Who I am’, ‘How I am’, ‘What I am’ and most importantly, ‘Why I am’ the leader that ‘I am’ in all the most important areas of my life.

    Scott Thiel

    CEO, Founder | TOKO

  • 2byb has changed me, my family and my business.

    The first thing I do each year is lock in 2byb. It is my trusted formula for success. The 2byb community provides the connecton and support for me to thrive. They have evolved into my best friends, sounding boards and business partners. 2byb has changed me, my family and my business. It is the platform on which I have built a great life!

    Billy Harkin

    Owner, Director

  • . . . an environment of continuous improvement and genuine challenge.

    The genuine ambiton of 2byb is to help others succeed. It is a platorm that brings together incredibly successful people in an environment of continuous improvement and genuine challenge. It is designed to help you evolve both professionally and personally. The 2byb platorm is my trusted process for helping me to firmly establish my goals for the year and achieve them.

    Paul Allen

    Global Co-Chair Intellectual Property and Technology | DLA Piper

  • Loving it and am getting so much more

    Just to confirm I have finished 5 coaching sessions – loving it and am getting so much more from my 1-2-1s with my team now so thanks again for such a great course!

    Sarah Norton

    Director | AES International

  • Absolute game changers

    As a Learning and Development professional, I am always very critical when I attend training. I was blown away from day one. By the expertise, the setting, and the training itself. Peter and Mick are absolute game-changers. They will embark on a journey that will change the way you do and see things. Be prepared to not just get an accreditation.


    Learning and Development Manager | Marriott

  • A truly rewarding experience

    A truly rewarding experience that has helped me grow as a leader, husband and father. It was a true privilege to work with the 2bLimitless Team and caliber of attendees on this course. This is how the best of the best get better and better and the crucible in which self-awareness and thoughtfulness is formed. Loved the energy, learning, structure, delivery and follow-up but even more importantly I had great fun.

    Sam Instone

    CEO | AES International


Companies we work with!

Our CSR Initiatives

Because Our World Needs Us at Our Best

  • Golf Charity Event

    Join us on the greens for our annual Golf Charity Event, where your swing makes a difference. Together, we tee off to support our CSR initiatives and drive positive change in education, the environment, and social welfare

  • 2b Limitless prioritises CSR and ESG

    2b Limitless prioritises CSR and ESG by empowering global leaders, founders, and teams with sustainable executive coaching and training. Their holistic approach nurtures ethical leadership and promotes global positive change.

  • 2b Limitless and the Child Watch Foundation join hands, symbolizing the powerful partnership that fuels hope and change for vulnerable children worldwide. Together, we are building a brighter future for the next generation.

    At 2b Limitless, we take pride in our unwavering commitment to corporate social responsibility, striving to make a positive impact on communities through initiatives that promote education, environmental sustainability, and social welfare.