Business Coaching: A Closer Look into this Career and the Benefits it Offers

2b LimitlessOctober 4th, 2021

Coaching is about more than performance and growth. It’s about helping people and businesses remain relevant, find fulfillment and create value through a period of unprecedented change, uncertainty, disruption, and opportunity.

“The epitome of an agile learner, is knowing what to do when you don’t know what to do.”

Rapid marketplace changes have hastened the arrival of a new type of work and opened up new possibilities for innovation and skill development. Unsurprisingly, the top five most sought-after skills are all about how we think, learn, solve problems, and innovate — all of which are the foundations of coaching. Being an agile learner is the most effective remedy to solving unfamiliar problems.

In the past where people looked to mentors to give them pre-packaged answers to solve problems that have existed before, now they are seeking out coaches to ask searching questions to solve unfamiliar problems that have never existed before. 

2b Limitless understands this need and works in creative partnerships with businessmen and women to unlock new potential in themselves and their companies.

Leaders are investing more and more in executive, business, and leadership coaches, so they can develop strategic thinking partnerships to help them navigate uncharted waters more effectively.

What is business coaching?

The demand for business coaches and leadership coaches continues to grow. Leaders, owners and professionals are ultimately rewarded for the quality of their decision making and the value they create, and having a trained, strategic thought-partner can massively improve the quality of decisions and value creation.

But business coaches cannot just be experts in business. Where their real expertise lies, is coaching. Business coaches have the skills to open up space, challenge where necessary, help create new awareness, help design new actions and help their clients build a blueprint for performance, success and value creation.

How to become a business coach?

First of all, you must be formally accredited as a coach when planning to become a business coach. More and more sponsors of coaching are checking certification as a prerequisite before requesting proposals. Accreditation in coaching is essential for the industry’s growing credibility and your ethical responsibility as a professional business coach. 2b Limitless offers Accredited Performance Coach Courses that give you accreditation to become a certified coach.

How 2b Limitless can help you become a business coach?

2b Limitless understands the current requirement of the market. Our APC courses are accredited by The Association of CoachingThe International Coaching Federation, and The CPD Standards Office in the United Kingdom. On completion of the APC course provided by 2b Limitless and successful fulfillment of the Association for Coaching requirements, you will receive the following, which are crucial to building your credibility when starting your career as a business coach in the UAE or worldwide:

  • 2b Limitless APC Award in Performance Coaching
  • Use of 2b Limitless APC coach logo on your business cards and email signature
  • Association for Coaching Executive Coach Accreditation
  • Use of AC logo on your business cards and email signature
  • Membership with the Association for Coaching and access to full member benefits
  • 34 International Coaching Federation ACSTH Points.

Book the next APC workshops in October and November 2021 or January 2022, so you can get accredited and be a certified performance and business coach before you start to set up your own coaching business in the UAE. If you want to know more about how to set up your own coaching business in the UAE, check out our previous article to get more information here.

What does a business coach do? 

Business coaches serve as creative, strategic thought partners who create space for professionals to unlock their potential to grow and perform. Depending on the approach that the coach uses, business coaches use a variety of models, tools and techniques to help professionals optimise their talents, manage around their vulnerabilities and be at their very best. Business coaches work to refine the talents, set strategic goals, develop decision making muscles, and help clients build a personalized blueprint for success. 

Business coaches learn everything about the brand and the company, from its value propositions to its potential customers and to the challenges it will face and beyond. Once the business coach has studied everything about the organization and its systems, they shape a partnership with the organization to co-create a bespoke process of development that serves the clients goals, needs and agenda. 

Business coaches use a variety of frameworks to help leaders and organisations build an integrated vision for success. 2b Limitless coaches learn frameworks that connect Goals, Purpose, Success Rituals and Strengths into a live-action plan to drive performance and value. 

Once a set of goals are in place, the business coach strategizes with the client as a critical friend, strategic thought-partner and objective observer to support, challenge, and build actions that drive performance, value and meaning.

How can you differentiate yourself from others after being accredited as a business coach from 2b Limitless?

The APC course from 2b Limitless allows you to differentiate yourself from other coaches as an Accredited Coach with the Association for Coaching certificate and the 2b Limitless Award in Performance Coaching. It ultimately helps you to enhance your resume and LinkedIn profile with a recognized coach accreditation. It helps you to promote your coaching service with more confidence and credibility as you become a member of the Association for Coaching as a merit of being on the APC Course. 

What are the benefits that a business coach brings to your team or organization?
  1. A business coach helps set goals: A business coach helps create Strengths based, Motivational, On-Purpose goals for the company. 
  2. A business coach helps create a clear roadmap: A business coach helps co-create a blueprint for businesses to strive toward meaningful goals.
  3. A business coach helps in improving skills: Helps partners grow, leverage their strengths and manage around their vulnerabilities to maximize their performances. .
  4. A business coach helps enhance the company’s performance: Business coaches create frameworks to help leaders and managers get the best out of the people they lead.
  5. A business coach builds accountability: Accountability is vital to the success of your small business. So not only will a good coach challenge the organization to think broader, try new ideas, and take risks, but they will help businesses build internal accountability around their growth and performances.

As your journey as an Accredited Performance Coach starts with 2b Limitless, we are here to help you grow and reach new heights in your professional business coaching career and business. Suppose you are currently a professional who wants to make a significant shift and become a business coach and build your own company, or a present business coach looking for formal accreditation before starting your own business. In that case, 2b Limitless has all the primary requirements you need – from the Accredited Performance Coach APC workshops to the international certifications necessary to help you start your own professional coaching business in the UAE or anywhere in the world.

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