“In whispers subtle, presence grand
A leaders touch, a sculptors hand
Gravity, mission, they take a stand
Unleashing strengths, The hearts they fanned”

LEAP is 2b Limitless’s premier annual leadership development program, certified by the CPD Standards Office, boasting dual accreditation with CPD points and a mark of training excellence.

  • Leadership

    This program equips individuals with the skills, tools, and competencies needed to lead teams and organizations in the 21st century. It aids organizations in identifying their future executive committee members by preparing them for the privilege and challenge of executive leadership.

  • Education

    LEAP fosters a vibrant community of learners and delves into the latest organizational research on thriving in the workplace. The learning community supports, challenges, and collaborates, creating a rising tide of development and growth. Participants’ learning is validated and celebrated through the CPD Standards Office.

  • Performance

    The LEAP program acknowledges that these leaders and performers are in the arena! We furnish them with the skills and tools required to excel and perform in the present.



This learning experience is thoughtfully curated and continually updated with the latest organizational insights. The content dynamically adapts, drawing upon our ever-evolving understanding of what it takes to lead in today’s and tomorrow’s workplaces

Our most recent programs have encompassed the following elements
Growth Mindset
“The epitome of an agile learner: Knowing what to do when you don’t know what to do!”

Professionals must be life-long learners if they are going to become leaders worth following into a future of disruption, change, challenge and uncertainty. A growth mindset is the architecture of possibility where setbacks become learning accelerators, challenges become opportunities, and feedback an opportunity to continuously develop, adapt and evolve.

Strengths-Based Development and Leadership
“What will happen when we focus on what is right with each other rather than fixating on what is wrong with each other” – Don Clifton

“Strengths is the most significant shift in professional development this century.” “In this phase, leaders understand and shape their unique leadership value proposition, revealing their greatest opportunities for growth and development.

Executive Presence and Inspirational Leadership
“Executive presence, you can’t define it, but you know it when you see it” (Bates EXPI)

Developing the gravity and presence that creates followship and stewardship. Inspired employees are defined by having a leader they are compelled to follow and a mission they care about. This phase is focused on building the gravity to lead.

Service Culture
“The reason for our success is no secret. It comes down to one single principle that transcends time and geography, religion and culture. It’s the Golden Rule”  –  Isadore Sharp

The quality of interactions between employees and customers significantly influences customer retention and, ultimately, revenue like no other element (Gallup, 2023). Exceptional leaders recognize the essence of a top-tier service culture, both internally and externally, and possess the know-how to bring it to life.

Leader as Coach
“In the 21st century people don’t want to be managed, they expect to be coached” – Peter Charles Turner

Leaders who coach understand the counterintuitive secrets to unlocking human potential. They foster a culture of trust and continuous growth. They inspire employees to take ownership and develop mastery. In the 21st century, as a new wave of employees emerges, coaching stands as a pivotal leadership skill.

Wellbeing at Work
“Combining strengths and wellbeing at work is potentially the most transformational treatment yet in the urgent pursuit of resiliency, mental health and ultimately, net thriving.” – Jim Harter

Wellbeing at work is here to stay. It is the foundation for success in any domain. This process focuses on the insights and behaviors to optimize physical, mental, and emotional resilience, in order to lead and thrive under pressure.

1-on-1 Executive Leadership Coaching Sessions

Providing an individual coaching experience with an ICF-certified Executive Coach to fully unlock and unleash potential and career aspirations.


What Are
People Saying
About Us

  • Why I am the leader that I am

    2byb has changed ‘Who I am’, ‘How I am’, ‘What I am’ and most importantly, ‘Why I am’ the leader that ‘I am’ in all the most important areas of my life.

    Scott Thiel

    CEO, Founder | TOKO

  • 2byb has changed me, my family and my business.

    The first thing I do each year is lock in 2byb. It is my trusted formula for success. The 2byb community provides the connecton and support for me to thrive. They have evolved into my best friends, sounding boards and business partners. 2byb has changed me, my family and my business. It is the platform on which I have built a great life!

    Billy Harkin

    Owner, Director

  • . . . an environment of continuous improvement and genuine challenge.

    The genuine ambiton of 2byb is to help others succeed. It is a platorm that brings together incredibly successful people in an environment of continuous improvement and genuine challenge. It is designed to help you evolve both professionally and personally. The 2byb platorm is my trusted process for helping me to firmly establish my goals for the year and achieve them.

    Paul Allen

    Global Co-Chair Intellectual Property and Technology | DLA Piper

  • Loving it and am getting so much more

    Just to confirm I have finished 5 coaching sessions – loving it and am getting so much more from my 1-2-1s with my team now so thanks again for such a great course!

    Sarah Norton

    Director | AES International

  • Absolute game changers

    As a Learning and Development professional, I am always very critical when I attend training. I was blown away from day one. By the expertise, the setting, and the training itself. Peter and Mick are absolute game-changers. They will embark on a journey that will change the way you do and see things. Be prepared to not just get an accreditation.


    Learning and Development Manager | Marriott

  • A truly rewarding experience

    A truly rewarding experience that has helped me grow as a leader, husband and father. It was a true privilege to work with the 2bLimitless Team and caliber of attendees on this course. This is how the best of the best get better and better and the crucible in which self-awareness and thoughtfulness is formed. Loved the energy, learning, structure, delivery and follow-up but even more importantly I had great fun.

    Sam Instone

    CEO | AES International