• Want more inspiring leaders? Focus on strengths!
  • Want more influential salespeople? Sell through your strengths.
  • Want more energy and well-being? Live through your strengths.
  • Want to build a thriving, optimistic, and engaged organizational culture? Make it a strengths-based culture!
  • Strengths are the catalyst for every domain of performance!
Our Impact

Start With Strengths

One of the most significant changes in personal and professional development has been the shift from deficit-focused development to strengths-focused development.

  • 2bUYS
    Traditional approach

    Identify weaknesses and gaps and then shape development plans.

  • 2bUYS
    Gallup finds that individuals who learn to use their strengths consistently are:

    Six times more likely to report being engaged Three times more likely to report having an excellent quality of life.

  • 2bUYS
    21st century approach

    Intentionally explore and identify strengths, strategically develop and deploy strengths toward individual and organizational mission.


The Best Version Of Us… the psychological assets that shape your ‘unique how’ of high-performance

People who learn to focus on their strengths are six times more likely to be engaged in their jobs, and teams that focus on their strengths are 12% more productive and profitable. Gallup finds that organizations that create the most value strategize around strengths, not weaknesses. They prioritize their strengths as their greatest opportunity for development and build a culture of focusing on what is right about people, not what is wrong with them.

The default mode for performance and development is often to focus on fixing weaknesses as a cultural norm, diverting attention from where teams and individuals can be most effective. An individual’s strengths, whether in play or not, are the single biggest predictor of being on a high-performance or low-performance team.

Gallup finds leadership teams that focus on strengths-based development have:


increased profit


increased sales


increased customer engagement


decrease in safety incidents


decrease in staff turnover

Gallup Finds That People That Focus on
Using Their Strengths…

When Gallup studied high-performing individuals and teams across different countries, cultures and industries they found that they delivered value in many different ways… There was no ‘one model’ of high-performance. But they did find this… They all knew how to leverage their strengths and manage around their weaknesses.

Are 3 TIMES as likely to report having an excellent quality of life
Are 6 TIMES more likely to be engaged in their jobs
Leadership teams that focus on strength-based development had between 16-72% lower staff turnover
Managers that give strengths-based feedback can reduce active disengagement to as low as 1%
The Science behind UYS

Gallup Certified Global Strengths Coaches.

2b Limitless are trained and certified by the Gallup organisation and have logged thousands of hours of individual, partner and team strengths coaching experience.
The Science behind UYS

We have developed leaders from the C-Suite to the shop floor in 30 different countries for the past decade.


Individual Unleash Your Strengths Flow

  1. Intake Session: Initiate your transformative journey. In this session, contract with your dedicated coach to pinpoint the focus of your coaching, grasp its significance, and establish your desired outcomes.
  2. Strengths Assessment: Execute the Clifton Strengths inventory. Our team at 2b will further collate the results, executing an advanced analysis to offer you a comprehensive understanding of your innate strengths.
  3. One-to-One Executive Coaching: Engage in personalized sessions where you’ll attain clarity on your dominant strengths. Embrace and claim these strengths, appreciating their invaluable impact. In partnership, we devise creative strategies to hone and channel these strengths, deploying them toward challenges and goals with purpose and intent.


Unleash Your Strengths – Partners

Weakness-focused partnerships tend to perceive differences as threats and sources of frustration. In contrast, strengths-based partnerships view differences as advantages.

Individuals are not inherently well-rounded, but when partners learn to dovetail their strengths, they become greater than the sum of their parts. High-performance partnerships have both contrasting and complementary strengths that can be actively leveraged to unleash extraordinary potential.

The ‘2b Unleash Your Partner’s Strengths’ program is a unique and powerful learning experience designed for business and life partners who aim to bring out the very best in each other, both in business and in life.



Unleash Your Strengths – Team

Teams who learn to use their strengths every day have 12.9% greater productivity

Teams who receive strengths feedback have 11.7% greater profitability



Unleash Your Strengths – Organization

Leveraging the powerful Clifton Strengthsfinder, our Gallup Certified Strengths Coaches work with you in a bespoke way to turn your strengths into performance and impact.


Name It

What is your unique combination of strengths?

Claim It

What is the potential of these strengths that has been dormant or unrefined up to now?

Aim It

How can you develop and deploy these strengths to drive performance and create value?

Our Flow

The Unleash Your Strengths Flow

  • Program Introduction

    The strengths program is messaged to the participants in a way that excites and engages the them. The messaging to the team includes the following content:

    This process is about focusing on what is right about people. It is reverse engineered through studying what the most effective teams do – they focus on the strengths of each other and support each other around their vulnerabilities. Traditional teams are focused on weaknesses as the most fertile ground for development – this can create friction, mediocrity and encourage people to defend against their vulnerabilities. This process is deeply rewarding and enables teams to emerge with actionable insights about how to leverage the very best version of themselves and each other.

    Program Introduction
  • Issue the Strengths Code

    The 2b limitless team issues the Gallup strengths codes to the participants – with guidance on how to complete the inventory.

    The Clifton strengthsfinder is the world’s leading strengths inventory – it is underpinned by a deep research base, and provides statistically reliable data points around individuals and teams. It produces a unique report for each individual – unlike other tools that often type people into broad categories.

    1 in 33 million people get the same top five strengths in the same order of dominance.

    The 2b Limitless team then collate the data, provide expert analysis on the reports, and prepare your team with exciting and informative strengths collateral.

    Issue the Strengths Code
  • Unleash Your Strengths Workshop

    At 2b Limitless, our multi-phase approach ensures a comprehensive grasp of individual and collective strengths:

    1. Individual Strengths Coaching: Before diving into the group dynamics, we provide each participant with an intensive one-on-one strengths coaching session.
    2. Personalized Strengths Kit: After their session, each participant receives a detailed report, a strengths pack, and a strengths review document – valuable tools for continuous personal growth.
    3. Discovering Unique Edge: Dive deep into recognizing your most dominant strengths, uncovering untapped potential, understanding blind spots, and pinpointing the distinctive value you bring to your team.
    4. Strengths Sharing Session: In both round table and intimate group coaching formats, participants introduce their unique strengths to the team, promoting transparency and understanding.
    5. Team Strengths Exploration: With interactive and gamified methods, participants come to know and appreciate the array of strengths present within the whole team.
    6. Team Dynamics and Data: The team collectively reviews their unique Gallup data, unraveling intricate layers of their group dynamic.
    7. Actionable Insights: Engaging discussions revolve around formulating both individual and team rituals and behaviors to manifest these unique strengths more effectively in their daily work.
    8. Crafting a Legacy: With a forward-thinking approach, the team strategizes on disseminating the strengths-centric perspective throughout the organization and showcases their newfound knowledge.
    Unleash Your Strengths Workshop

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    Sam Instone

    CEO | AES International

  • Loving it and am getting so much more

    Just to confirm I have finished 5 coaching sessions – loving it and am getting so much more from my 1-2-1s with my team now so thanks again for such a great course!

    Sarah Norton

    Director | AES International

  • Unleashing our Full Potential

    “The 2b Limitless team have completely transformed us as an organisations. We all think differently. Work differently. Collaborate differently. We’e far better versions of our selves, individually. It’s been a life-changing, mindset-altering, perspective-shifting partnership!”

    Sam Instone
    Sam Instone

    CEO | AES

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    Executive Strengths Coach & Wellbeing Consultant

  • Peter Charles Turner

    Partner & Senior Executive Coach | Head of Coach Education & Accreditation

  • David Labouchere OBE

    Senior Executive, Strengths and High-Performance Coach

  • Victoria Tipper

    Executive Strengths Coach & Wellbeing Consultant

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  • Peter Charles Turner

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