Leader As Coach

“The most important habit of a great line manager is one meaningful
conversation each week with their team members” (Gallup 2023)

Leader as Coach Education is a transformative learning experience, designed to unlock and unleash manager and leader interactions with their people.

70% of the variance in employee engagement hinges on the employees experience of their manager (Gallup 2018)

“Almost any performance indicator you choose to measure is influenced by interactions between managers and employees.”
Leaders who coach demonstrate applied emotional intelligence—simply put, they have better conversations with everyone!

“The most important habit of a great line manager is one meaningful conversation each week with their team members” (Gallup 2023)

The Leader as Coach training is a powerful learning experience that transforms a leader’s ability to inspire and engage others through high-performance coaching techniques.

This training also fosters a shift towards a servant leadership style and equips leaders with the skills and competencies to cultivate a culture of engagement, support, and continuous learning.

We provide managers with tools and skills to:
  • Conduct inspirational one-to-one meetings
  • Handle difficult conversations effectively
  • Identify the strengths of their team members
  • Challenge employees and promote accountability.

Leader as Coach has four key modules

1Principles of Coaching
  • The Business Case for Coaching
  • The Fundamentals: How and Why Coaching Works
  • Human Motivation: How Coaching and Human Motivation Are Synchronous Partners
2Coaching Models and Tools
  • Solution-Focused Coaching
  • Strengths-Based Coaching
3Coaching Skills & Competencies
  • International Coaching Federation & Association for Coaching Competencies
  • Transformational Feedback
  • Transformational Listening
  • Establishing & Maintaining Trust
  • Coaching for Challenge & Accountability
  • Coaching for Development & Growth
  • Coaching Leaders
  • Managing Self & Maintaining Coaching Presence
4Coaching Practicum
  • Observed Real Play Coaching Practice with Feedback from ICF Coach Assessor
  • Real Play Practice with Multiple Tools
  • Coaching Tools and Techniques for a Variety of Coaching Scenarios

Building a Coaching Culture

Unlock the Power of Coaching Cultures with 2b Limitless

At 2b Limitless, we are your trusted partners in cultivating coaching cultures within corporate organizations. But what exactly is a coaching culture?

A coaching culture signifies a workplace environment built on trust, emotional intelligence, continuous learning, collaboration, and outstanding performance. The depth to which coaching becomes ingrained within an organization’s systems can vary.

With our extensive expertise and hands-on experience, 2b Limitless excels in establishing coaching cultures that seamlessly transition from defining missions and mandates to comprehensive training, certification, and successful execution.

Partner with 2b Limitless to unlock the potential of a thriving coaching culture within your organization. Together, we will create an environment that fosters growth, unleashes potential, and drives remarkable transformations in performance, productivity, culture and leadership.

Building a Coaching Culture
In the 21st Century people don’t want to be managed, They EXPECT to be coached.

2b Limitless

21st Century

My Paycheck

My Purpose

My Boss

My Coach

My Weakness

My Strengths

My Annual Review

My Ongoing Conversation

My Job

My Life

My Satisfaction

My Development

What Are
People Saying
About Us

  • Loving it and am getting so much more

    Just to confirm I have finished 5 coaching sessions – loving it and am getting so much more from my 1-2-1s with my team now so thanks again for such a great course!

    Sarah Norton

    Director | AES International

  • Absolute game changers

    As a Learning and Development professional, I am always very critical when I attend training. I was blown away from day one. By the expertise, the setting, and the training itself. Peter and Mick are absolute game-changers. They will embark on a journey that will change the way you do and see things. Be prepared to not just get an accreditation.


    Learning and Development Manager | Marriott

The Business Case Coaching

“Imagine a world where everyone had a coach to get the best out of them”

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, cultivating leaders with coaching skills is no longer a choice but a strategic imperative. Coaching enables leaders to unlock their team’s potential, fostering a culture of continuous growth and high performance. In a world that is being disrupted in front of our very eyes – there has never been a time for better conversations, deeper connection, and the tools with which to step boldly into the unknown and take our people with us.

70% of employee engagement hinges on their experience of their line manager and the most important habit of a great line manager is one meaningful conversation with their people per week (Gallup 2023). World class people managers understand and apply the behavioral economics of business success. They know how to coach and do it regularly!

The Science

Behavioural economics and the Science of human motivation.

The data on employee emgagement is discouraging. Between 13 and 20 percent of the work force are actively engaged in their roles (Gallup 2023).  We also know that leader-employee interactions are the most dominant factor in transforming employee engagement.

The coaching approach is reverse engineered around what mainstream scientific research has learned about human motivation. What we know from research into behavioural, cognitive and organisational psychology, is that regular, non directive, strengths based coaching conversations tap into what energises, engages and unlocks the very best of human behaviour.

The Learning Generation

Recent organizational surveys highlight that employees consistently prioritize their development and growth above mere job satisfaction, recognizing these as fundamental prerequisites for optimal engagement. Both formal and informal coaching directly facilitate learning, development, and growth within the workplace.

Moreover, 21st-century education systems are developing young people to evolve into critical thinkers, leaders, and proactive architects of their learning journeys. This departure from the conventional model—focused on passive listeners, compliance, and the passive acquisition of knowledge—ushers in a workforce that demands a more sophisticated leadership approach when they arrive in the workplace.

Leading In To The Future

“The epitome of an agile learner is knowing what to do when you don’t know what to do.”

Coaching is about more than performance and growth. It’s about helping organisations and businesses remain relevant, find fulfilment, and create value through a period of unprecedented change, uncertainty, disruption and opportunity. The 2020’s are witnessing the simultaneous arrival of transformational new technologies, a convergence that has the potential to overhaul many engrained societal norms.

Transformational changes in agriculture, transportation, energy production/distribution, digital automation and machine learning are colliding in ways that have the potential to accelerate us into an exciting but unfamiliar world. The potential need for businesses to rethink not just their value proposition but also their existence is no understatement, as new norms threaten the relevance of certain skills and markets.

These changes have hastened the arrival of a new type of leadership. Unsurprisingly, the top 5 most sought after skills are all about how we think, learn, solve unfamiliar problems, and innovate — all of which are the outputs of leaders who coach.

“No longer are people looking for mentors with pre-packaged answers to solve problems that have existed before. They are looking for coaches to ask searching questions to solve unfamiliar problems that have never existed before”

Designed around your organizations aspirations


Anything between 10 and 20 hours of Synchronous Learning.


In person, Zoom classroom or both


Middle manager, front line managers, team leaders

Coaching Culture

Expertise and guidance developing a coaching culture in your organization


Solutions focused, performance coaching for the workplace. In line with ICF coaching competencies.