EAT – ‘Every next level requires a different version of you!’​

Mick toddFebruary 19th, 2023

  • ‘It does not get easier, you get better’ – Eddy Merckx

Building a Culture of Success

Thinking a lot about building your personal and professional success culture and the model that makes it happen.

EAT is a model that Kaushik Amruthur (CEO at Third Eye Media) introduced to me at his brilliant talk at DIFC – (Nigel Lea – CEO at Sicuro Group LLC actually developed the acronym ).


1. Elevate

2. Abundance Mindset vs Scarcity Mindset

3. Trust

Elevate – ‘Every next level requires a different version of you!’ – Leonardo DiCaprio

I have always been enamoured by the idea that ‘you do not choose your future, you choose your “Rituals” and your “Rituals” choose your future.

(Rituals – Your strengths-based behaviours, practiced on purpose and scheduled to enhance engagement, performance and enjoyment (SUCCESS) in your life.)

These are the anchor points in your life that create real rhythm and tempo and they continuously develop.

What are the new rituals that are or will drive the different and better version of you?




Abundance Mindset vs Scarcity Mindset

Humans have evolved over history a ‘negativity bias’ it was a survival adaptation – When we first were ‘coming out of our caves’ it was helpful to know what might eat us… The challenge now is that we are now in an era of ‘Thriving not merely surviving!’ and this negativity bias creates an environment of fear, anxiety, anger, frustration, judgement that creates a real weakness focus that drives the ‘Scarcity Mindset’ – Nothing thrives there!

The challenge is that the growth that accompanies ‘Abundance Mindset’ takes more ‘intellectual horsepower’ you need to be able to really elevate your thinking to engage in what we call BVOS – ‘Best Version of Self’

In order to create this powerful mindset you need to move from

Judgement  to Curiosity

Fear to Courage

Anxiety to Excitement

Where do you need to be more;

1. Curious:

2. Courageous:

3. Excited:

What are the internal and external barriers that you need to acknowledge, own and overcome to open up ‘Abundance Mindset’ as a way of life for you?




I am often asked to come in and run ‘Feedback Sessions’ – These sessions are designed to improve the quality of the feedback we give and improve the receptiveness of those we are giving it to…

The reality is without ‘Trust and Respect’ as the central pillars of your culture these sessions are just south of a town called “Useless” – So, how do you build a culture of ‘Trust’?

Trust is all about knowing the people behind the roles – It is a move from transactional relationships to transformational relationships.

‘When people lose trust in their leaders their thinking is driven by ‘Suspicion’ and their behaviours become motivated by ‘Self-Interest’ – Cultures become toxic as people are no longer focused on ‘the greater good’ and act via a Scarcity Mindset’. – Mick Todd (Adapted from Gallup Insights)

So, how do we develop trust?

There is a powerful formula for trust…

TRUST = Credibility x Reliability x Intimacy ÷ Self-Orientation

In the most critical relationships in your personal and professional life where do you need to be more;



I love the insight from Valentina Vescovi;

‘Connection increases commitment!’

What are the upgrades in your behaviour that drive greater intimacy and connection in order to drive deeper understanding of who people are and what really matters to them?

The behaviour that I want to focus on to drive greater connection and understanding is;


All of the top three quarters of this formula are the multipliers of trust BUT the final element is the element that diminishes trust.

Self-Orientation (EGO), has a corrosive impact on trust when it tips over.

It is a balance because the fantastic work of Dr. Tom Rath outlines the importance of a strong sense of self BUT when this tips over and the perception becomes ‘it is all about ME’ then ‘Trust’ is truly divided.

I have found the Harvard Business School’s definition of ‘Humility’ helpful in navigating the ‘Self-Orientation Balance’ (Sam Instone, Co-CEO at AES International shared it with me.)

“Humility is not about a series of self deprecating behaviours it is deeply rooted in strong and profound sense of the best version of you motivated by the want to understand, support and serve others.’

I love this it is not about diminishing you and your goals it is about connecting with and inspiring others through them.

Where do you need to be leading more through ‘Genuine Humility’?


What would that look like and feel like for the people with whom building ‘Trust’ really matters?


I am here to support and I am really interested in how the ‘EAT’ model can have a genuine positive impact on the quality of your life!

‘Don’t wish it was easier… Commit to being better!’ – 2b Limitless

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