10 Ideas for Leading a Remote or Hybrid Business Effectively

Mick toddAugust 7th, 2023

At 2b Limitless we work with organizations all over the world on 5 key things;

  1. Leaders Worth Following
  2. Work Worth Doing
  3. A Culture Worth Contributing To – Purpose & Values
  4. Unleashing the Unique Strengths of Your People
  5. The Rituals that Enable Your People to be ‘Fierce and Creative’

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, remote and hybrid working models have become the new norm. The challenges of leading such teams are myriad, but they also offer unique opportunities. Here are some key strategies to unlock the strengths of each individual while fostering a close-knit, cohesive team.

1. Leverage Digital Communication Tools

  • Tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Whats App and Slack have revolutionized the way remote teams communicate. To foster closeness, use video conferencing regularly to encourage face-to-face interaction. 
  • Our weekly team meetings enable our coaches who work globally (For example this week we will have coaches joining our call from Canada, UK, Belgium, South Africa, UAE, Australia and New Zealand) to connect, share and learn. It enables Peter Charles Turner and I to feel connected withVictoria TipperDavid LabouchereTony MartinGuido de WildeIan Ward and Garreth Ewing no matter where we or they are in the world.
  • Our daily ‘team impact calls’… 15 minutes focused on impact not information a ‘Criteria for Success’ and a deep sense of ‘autonomy’ for people to own their tasks in their way with the knowledge that our ‘Team WhatsApp Group’ enables connection and support.

2. Establish Clear Expectations

  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities help in reducing ambiguities. Set KPIs and check-in regularly to ensure everyone’s on track. This builds accountability while respecting individual autonomy.

3. Promote Flexibility 

  • Embrace the asynchronous work environment. Understand that individuals might have unique schedules, especially in global teams. Flexibility can help in unlocking their potential and optimizing productivity.

4. Engage in Team-Building Activities

  • Virtual team-building exercises like online game nights, quizzes, or even virtual coffee breaks can foster bonds and provide much-needed relaxation.

5. Invest in Continuous Learning 

  • Remote work can often lead to skills becoming siloed. Encourage individuals to take online courses, participate in webinars, or attend virtual conferences. This not only sharpens their skills but also brings fresh perspectives to the team.

6. Recognise and Celebrate Individual Strengths 

  • Regularly acknowledge and reward unique contributions. Tailored recognition can make individuals feel valued and motivate them to leverage their strengths further.
  • We focus on Gallup StrengthsFinder as a great tool to connect with and understand the very best version of each member of our team.

7. Facilitate Open Communication 

  • An open-door (or open chat) policy encourages team members to voice concerns, share ideas, or discuss personal challenges. This transparency builds trust and ensures everyone feels heard.
  • Following the lead we have seen tp bennett with the studios incorporating anchor days we have a team day at The Els Club, Dubai each week where our team connects face to face, share lunch and create a bond. For Melanie Bangcaya-JadiOlivia MarshallDevika MathavanGanesh RajagopalanMildred Magat and Ana Caligdong it builds a bond and connect that makes them feel part of something biggerwithout diminishing the real flexibility that working for 2b Limitless offers.

8. Encourage Peer-to-Peer Collaboration

  • Foster an environment where team members can collaborate and learn from each other. Pair up individuals with complementary strengths for projects, enabling them to learn and grow together. A great example of this was a recent 2b Limitless Unleash Your Strengths program that Victoria Tipper and David Labouchere ran for our Corporate Partner Kerry – Vicki and David have such a great chemistry and it has opened up more thoughts about how we can open up more dynamic, strengths-based interactions.

9. Invest in Mental Health and Well-Being

  • Remote work can sometimes lead to feelings of isolation. Prioritize mental health initiatives, offer resources, and regularly check in on team members’ well-being.
  • Having Victoria Tipper in our team is such a gift when it comes to well-being and a toolkit to navigate the stress of high-performance life. Enabling greater creativity and engagement.

10. Regularly Reevaluate and Adapt 

  • The hybrid work model is ever-evolving. Solicit feedback and be prepared to adapt your strategies based on the changing needs of your team.

By understanding and leveraging the unique strengths of each team member in a remote or hybrid environment, business leaders can not only achieve business objectives but also foster a tightly-knit community of professionals. With the right balance of autonomy, flexibility, and connection, teams can thrive irrespective of physical location. Our team love the ‘Autonomy, Recognition, Connection and Purpose’ that our 2b Limitless model enables. It is Peter Charles Turner and my responsibility to lead in a way where we we balance the privilege whilst delivering excellence for our clients.

Mick todd

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Mick todd

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