Melda Yasar Cebe

Executive Coach

My Purpose In Life
Inspire growth & Embrace life's joys






Melda is an extraordinary leader with a multifaceted career that has left an indelible mark on the global business landscape. With an MBA in Marketing Management, she has spent decades reshaping organizations and driving them toward unprecedented growth. Her strategic acumen is second to none, consistently leading companies through transformative changes that redefine success. Melda has real talent in diverse business functions, from sales to marketing to R&D, and finally General Management with a deep understanding of the behavioral economics of thriving organizational cultures.

Melda possesses a unique ability to balance short and long-term needs, strategy, and operation, resulting in double-digit top-line growth and profit turnarounds in the face of industry disruption. She has navigated complex roles, overseeing multi-billion-dollar territories and championing acquisitions that fuel expansion across large MNCs such as Procter & Gamble and Kraft Heinz in Turkey, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Her legacy as a visionary leader continues to inspire the world.

Melda’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is evident in her leadership, style with a strong emphasis on recruiting and empowering diverse teams and advancing careers. Her journey is not just about business; it’s about people and about advocacy, as she actively contributes to MentorWalks, Lean in Singapore, and LEAD Network Europe, advocating for diversity and inclusion, especially for females.

As an executive coach, Melda is a real inspiration to other leaders looking to grow in the global business arena. Melda’s approach is to challenge and discover the talents of the people in a way that really unleashes them to lead with courage and impact. Melda has trained through the International Coaching Federation coach education and is a member of the Association for Coaching. Melda’s values are based on making a meaningful difference,  growth, and radical candor.

  • Master’s Degree: 2001 Koc University, MBA, Marketing Management, Turkey
  • Bachelor’s Degree: 1999 Bogazici University, B.Sc. Chemical Engineering, Turkey
Recent Training
  • ESG for Board Members CGI/Stanton Chase
  • Corporate Governance CGI/Stanton Chase
  • Leadership Communication with Impact Instead
  • Leading at Disruptive Times Instead
  • Leadership Masters of KH Stanford
  • International Coaching Federation Trained