Why the 2b Limitless Accredited Performance Coach (APC) Course is Increasing in Popularity in Dubai

2b LimitlessSeptember 20th, 2021

Coaching in the 21st century has become an integral part of businesses to maximize the potential of their people and mission. What’s more, research finds that employees are prioritizing their development as a key factor in their engagement and tenure at the workplace. In addition, the rapid growth of the personal and professional development movement is speeding up, not slowing down and more and more people are looking to coaching as the vehicle to support their growth. 

“Coaching works because it’s all about you. When you connect with what you really want and why – and take action – magical things can happen.” Emma-Louise Elsey

Businesses know that if the potential of their mission is to be fulfilled, then the potential of their people needs to be fulfilled as well. 

The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as ‘Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.’ 

When coaching cultures are embedded into an organization, they can find new levels of optimism, mission, collaboration and productivity. The competencies of coaching are very similar to the attributes of emotional intelligence. What this means is an environment where people know how to listen, know how to speak with clarity and composure, can self-regulate emotions, empathise and tap into deeper motivations that drive their efforts.  

We also know that people want to find, not just economic benefits from their workplace, but they want to find meaning and fulfilment from their work as well. 

Trained strategic thinking partners (coaches) have the counterintuitive skills to help people explore both meaning and performance and help turn that exploration into reality.  

In parallel to the growing demand, some professionals are seeking flexible working opportunities to balance their lifestyles. Achieving a recognized accreditation can create those opportunities to work as a professional coach and successfully develop other people in a deeply rewarding role. 

2b Limitless: The Leading APC Course Provider

2b Limitless are the architects and deliverers of the APC course. 2b Limitless is a multi-award-winning professional coaching and training organization focused on Strengths, Engagement, Performance, and Transformation. Mick Todd founded it in 2004, ‘Acquisition International’ UAE Executive Coach of the Year 2016 and ‘International Advisory Experts’ UAE Executive Coach of the Year 2017.

2b Limitless successfully delivers transformational coaching solutions across a wide range of enterprises. It not only provides coaching to young interns starting their professional journeys but also to C-Suite executives who are at the helm of large international corporations. 

The APC course is designed to provide coaches and leaders with the tools, skills, and knowledge to unlock human potential to its greatest extent. Successful candidates will understand crucial psychological theories of motivation and decision making and the applied coaching competencies that can unleash the best version of others and help them find both meaning and performance.

The APC course is an interactive programme. The course has a mixture of theory, coaching practice, critical thinking discussions, reflections, interactive activities, self-study, and the completion of a written learning journal.

What is the approach of 2bAPC?

2b Limitless believes in strengths-based performance coaching. Strengths-based performance coaching moves away from the disease model of focusing on what is wrong with people, and is centered on searching for what is right with people. The founder of 2b Limitless derived this strategy from research in Positive Psychology. This research finds that when people learn to understand and expand their strengths, they tend to have better professional and personal engagement and connectivity with people around them. Also, they tend to be happier and feel a certain increase in their productivity and performance.

New and experienced life coaches, career coaches, executive coaches, and well-being and high-performance coaches are quickly moving toward this approach. Global coach accreditation bodies like the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the Association for Coaching (AC) are certifying these programs as they understand the depth of credibility behind the approach. 

The strengths movement that was started in the USA has made it to Dubai successfully. Dubai-based coaches are gradually training and certifying in this methodology. 2b Limitless provides coach accreditations for Dubai-based and worldwide coaches, both face-to-face and online.

Who accredited the courses?
  • The Association for Coaching (AC): It was established in 2002 and is a leading independent and not-for-profit professional body dedicated to promoting best practices and raising awareness and standards of coaching worldwide. As an inclusive body with members in over 70 countries, it comprises professional coaches, academic institutions, trainers, and coaching providers. Their purpose is to inspire coaches to achieve excellence in the coaching profession to make a considerable difference to individuals, organizations, and society.
  • The International Coaching Federation (ICF): It is the gold standard in coach accreditation. They are the largest professional accreditation body globally and provide coaches with the most recognizable certification in coaching. There are approximately 41,500 members in ICF from 147 countries and territories.
  • The CPD Standards Office, UK: They are training providers to raise standards and provide a seal of approval for quality training. Their mission is “to support everyone involved in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to make it better, easier and more affordable.” Attendees of this program receive continuous professional development points from the CPD standards office. 
Who are the courses for?
  • Leaders who manage or lead other people in the workplace.
  • Professionals who are involved in learning and developing human resources.
  • Individuals wanting to make a career in private coaching.
  • Coaches who have yet to achieve formal accreditation. 
  • Professionals who mentor and develop other colleagues.
  • Individuals who all are seeking professional and personal development.
What qualifications will YOU achieve?

On completion of the APC course provided by 2b Limitless and fulfillment of the Association for Coaching requirements, successful candidates will achieve:

  • 2b Limitless APC Certificate in Performance Coaching
  • Use of 2b Limitless APC coach logo on your business cards and email signature
  • Association for Coaching Accreditation
  • Use of AC logo on your business cards and email signature
  • Membership with the AC and access to full member benefits.
  • 38 International Coaching Federation ACSTH Points 
What does your qualification prepare you to do? 

It prepares you to differentiate yourself from other coaches as an Accredited Coach with the Association for Coaching and ICF, and the 2b Limitless Certificate in Performance Coaching. More importantly, it prepares you with the skills, tools and credibility to transform the lives of others. 

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