Yanee de Castro

Executive Assistant

My Purpose In Life
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Born and raised in the UAE, being a third culture kid has gifted Yanee with a kaleidoscope of perspectives and a knack for adaptation.

Joining the dynamic family of 2b Limitless is more than just a career move—it’s a journey of growth and empowerment. Within the fabric of this team, she’s discovered a nurturing environment that fosters learning and development.

In her role as Executive Assistant, whether supporting our CEO or assisting our General Manager, her mission is clear: to ensure seamless operations and provide business support behind the scenes.

With over 10 years of experience in the business support field, her passion lies in recognizing the vital role of administrative tasks and ensuring they are managed effectively, allowing leaders to focus on strategic initiatives and driving the business forward. She finds joy in being the bridge between vision and execution, lightening the workload for others.

Outside of work, Yanee enjoys exploring new cuisines, spending quality time with her family and church community, and being a fur mom to her 2 dogs.