Olivia Marshall

Client Experience & Relationship Manager

My Purpose In Life
Here to make others feel understood






In the 21st Century, whatever the industry, the market is driven by experience.

Olivia’s priority is to ensure that every individual, that comes into the orbit of the 2b Limitless community feels like they belong to something special.

For our individual clients she is their personal relationship manager, there to make sure that their interactions with 2b Limitless are seamless, fun, and more than meets the eye.

At the organizational level, Olivia builds depth to our partner relationships and consistently seeks out ways of adding additional value and care around all of our engagements.

Olivia’s strengths are based around meaningful relationship building, a strong set of values and a focus on excellence for colleagues and clients.

Everyone who interacts with Olivia walks away feeling cared for and understood and she is a hugely important part of the 2b Limitless team and mission.

Education and Qualifications:
  • BA Education QTS
  • APC Coach Training