Dania Mehmod

Organisational Psychologist & Client Relationship Assistant






With a dynamic blend of strengths including Achiever, Restorative, Command, Adaptability, and Individualization, Dania Mehmod stands out as an innovative Organisational Psychologist and Client Relationship Assistant at 2b Limitless. Her academic journey spans seven years of intensive psychology studies, culminating in an MSc in Organisational Psychiatry and Psychology from King’s College, London, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Organisational Psychology from University College London.

Dania’s expertise is deeply rooted in psychology and organizational psychology, with significant experience in research, data analysis, and essay writing. Her notable contributions include dissertation work at Warwick University, a published article on the psychological health of construction workers during COVID-19 at Absal Paul, and research on human factors and communication at Flynas. Her academic prowess is further evidenced by her background in Performing Arts Medicine from UCL.

At 2b Limitless, Dania plays a pivotal role in the preparation and hosting of training events, from business development to delivery. She excels in psychometric data collation and analysis, ensuring that each project is underpinned by robust and insightful psychological evaluation. Her involvement extends to the preparation and delivery of High-Performance Community Events, both in-person and digital, where her adaptability and command strengths come to the fore.

Dania is not only committed to innovation in her field but also contributes significantly to the cultural intelligence of the business. She actively participates in developing new content and materials for leadership, education, and high-performance products and services. As an advocator of the 2b Limitless brand, she builds and deepens relationships within the 2b Limitless community and with clients, guided by her intrinsic motivation to include and inspire everyone she interacts with.

Her professional journey is a testament to her dedication to understanding and enhancing organizational dynamics and her commitment to fostering environments where every individual feels valued and motivated.