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2b LimitlessJuly 16th, 2021

When Mick Todd founded 2b Limitless in 2004 he had no idea that the business would not only become one of the most trusted exponents of professional training and coaching for individuals and organizations; but it would become one of the most highly respected deliverers of executive, business and life coach certification in Dubai and beyond.

For the past 18 months the 2b Limitless coach training programs have been certifying leaders, life coaches, career coaches, businesses coaches and executive coaches throughout the region and globally through face to face and online coach training. 

So what explains the extraordinary rise of 2b Limitless as one of the region’s most trusted coach certification providers in Dubai and the surrounding region? 

Here are some of the reasons for the growth of 2b Limitless:

  • The rapid growth and rising credibility of the global coaching industry;
  • The gradual shift from command-control to servant leadership in organisations;
  • The unrelenting hunger of the UAE and Dubai to get and give the very best for the talent in the region;
  • The rapid growth of the personal-development movement;
  • And, the arrival of the biggest shift in people development in decades; the strengths-based movement.
Servant Leadership and the Learning Generation 

The 21st century worker has developed new demands on their place of work. New generations of employees are emerging from school systems that encourage independent learning, critical thinking and lifelong learning. 

Teachers are encouraged to do less of the work in the classroom, and learners are asked to step forward and be the directors of their own learning. 

When this generation arrives into the workplace, the directive leadership approach is the antithesis of how these young people have learned to grow and perform. In order to maximize the talent of people, educators (and now organisations) know that non directivity is the space-creator that draws out the very best of people, to the benefit of the person, the team and the organization. 

What’s more, recent organizational research finds that employees consistently prioritize their development and growth above their job satisfaction as a fundamental need to be optimally engaged at work. Leaders who coach are not only moving the business objectives forward but they are creating an environment where consistent learning, development and growth in the workplace can happen. 

It is often said that great learners are those who know what to do when they don’t know what to do’. Coaching cultures create the space for employees to continuously ideate, innovate, solve unfamiliar problems and take psychological ownership, in an ever changing and challenging work and marketplace. 

Successful workplaces are quickly understanding that if the potential of its business is to be maximised, then the potential of its people needs to be fulfilled.

“For organizations of the future, will learners replace employees, as people look for learning opportunities that pay, instead of looking for jobs?” (ANON)

So as the demand grows for external coaches and internal leaders who coach, so too does the necessity for certified and formally accredited coach training.

The rising growth and credibility of the global coaching industry

For the past 25 years, the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and more recently the Association for Coaching (AC) have been increasingly raising the credibility and respect of the coaching industry worldwide. 

The tipping point has finally arrived. Coaching is no longer a remedial, mandated process for underperforming employees, but a transformational opportunity for every person and organisation looking to flourish.  

As organisations and individuals understand the exponential value of developing people, they are looking to place that investment in professionals who are formally trained, certified and experienced.  Certified coaches know that in order to be worthy of that investment, they need to have undergone a rigorous process of learning and practice, evidenced by the International Coaching Federation or the Association for Coaching. 

Whether individuals are training to become certified career coaches, well-being coaches, executive coaches, business coaches, leadership coaches or life coaches; the importance of certification and accredited coach training has never been more important to perform ethically and professionally. 

Not only does the credibility of the industry depend on it… but the extraordinary responsibility that coaches and leaders have to their clients and employees depends on it too.

Growth of the Personal Development Movement 

This rise of the credibility of the coaching industry is moving hand in hand with the unstoppable growth of the personal development industry, which has become mainstream in its appeal. At an organisational level, companies know that a culture of learning is an actual asset, and individuals know that the single greatest investment they can make, that cascades into every aspect of their lives, is the investment that they make in themselves. 

Individuals are looking to design-think about their lives; and a certified coach is the perfect partner to go about building a blueprint for an exponential life or career. 

Gone are the days when our growth journeys stopped when we stepped out of the school gates for the last time. People want to grow, for the fruits as well as the intrinsic reward that it brings. 

2b Limitless, at its heart, is a learning community. A growing family of people that know that their growth ultimately is for the benefit of us all. 

Your world needs you at your best – The 2b Limitless Purpose Statement understands that we are all the beneficiaries of the growth of every person.

The strengths-based movement

At the turn of the 21st century, psychology grew a new branch of study called Positive Psychology which is the study of success and human flourishing. When that branch emerged, a new way of thinking about human growth and development exploded into organisations and businesses – that approach is called the strengths based approach.

As Don Clifton famously said: 

What will happen when we start thinking about what is right with people, rather than fixating on what is wrong with them?” 

The answer: A positive transformation in almost every indicator of individual and organisational performance; engagement, productivity, fulfillment, retention, wellbeing, profitability etc…

Understanding that the fruits of human flourishing, wellbeing, engagement and performance are in people’s strengths (not their weaknesses), is the mindset shift that has transformed those lucky few who have stumbled upon this secret. 

2b Limitless Certified Coaches learn to not only leverage the strengths-based approach to unleash the potential of their clients, but they use it to advance every aspect of their mission including the development of their own life and business interests.  

2b Limitless is also strengths based on how we pursue our mission. Employees and associates are hired based on their unique potential, the business strategy is based around team and individual strengths, the teams development areas are their strengths not their weaknesses, and the language of strengths is infused into every part of our mission. 

The Accredited Performance Coach (APC), is a synchronous coach training course designed to accredited managers, leaders and independent people in the skills of coaching. A mode of support that can be leveraged toward career coaching, leadership, performance, well being or general life coaching. The program is accredited by the International Coaching Federation, The Association for Coaching and the CPD Standards office UK

When participants emerge from the other side of the APC journey, they are not only certified, but they are equipped with the tools and confidence to completely transform their ability to unlock the potential in others. The methodology is a hybrid of the latest in organisational and individual performance psychology, and tens of thousands of hours of real world experience working with elite performers all over the world. 

And the alumni of extraordinary APC Coaches continues to grow, some of the most influential leaders in the Region: from Saudi Initial Group CEO John Nolan, the CO CEO of AES International Sam InstoneBluehaus CEO Ben Corrigan, and Emirate MD Shada ElBorno (Standard Chartered Bank MD).

This collision of ideas; the credibility of the coaching industry; the focus on learning and development; the move to a strengths based approach; the personal development explosion and the timing of Mick Todd and his mission to help others succeed have created a wave that continues to build momentum.

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