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Our mission in life is to help others succeed.

Our mission is to help you succeed. To improve the quality of your life and to help you define and achieve your goals. Quickly, effectively and sustainably. We employ proven tools and techniques to unlock your potential and empower you to define your true purpose. We offer support, encouragement and guidance to help you expand your self-awareness and leverage your innate gifts and talents. We give individuals, leaders and organisations the tools they need to achieve clarity, direction and success.

We work within a wide range of sectors. Our recent clients include:

2b Limitless clients

We give individuals, leaders and organisations the tools they need to achieve clarity.

Professional Coaching

We help elevate business performance, effectiveness and impact via a range of tailor-made products to develop and enhance your number one resource: your people. We've adopted a range of proven tools to create a bespoke coaching programme designed to develop leadership skills, build effective teams and help your organisation thrive.

  • Strategic Planning and Objectives
  • Elevating Individual, Team and Organisation Performance
  • Leadership and Management Skills and Capabilities
  • Executive Communication Skills
  • Increasing Engagement and Profitability
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence

Focusing on areas for you
and your organisation to thrive.

Professional Coaching Tools

2b Limitless is a registered practitioner of a range of internationally recognised coaching tools.

The powerful Gallup Strength Based Tools, SEI Emotionally Intelligent Leadership and Leadership Agility tools for the individual.

The Q14 Engagement, Strength Based Team Coaching, TVS (Team Vital Signs), OVS (Organisational Vital Signs) for teams of 10 to 1000. 2b Limitless offers complete coaching solutions. We have even created our very own 2b Limitless Effectiveness & Energy program. All of these tools and programs are designed to get you, your team or your entire organisation to their peak performance.

Professional Coaching Tools

These tools are designed to get you, your team or your entire organisation to their peak performance.

MindBridge Trainings International

2B Limitless offers MindBridge NLP Coach & NLP Practitioner Certification Training, with the most effective and empowering tools available to manage your thinking, your perception and for creating concrete results.

Whether you want to use the leading edge NLP and Coaching skills for personal and professional development in your current profession, you now have the opportunity to experience the vast resources and potential power available through NLP and Professional Coaching Skills.

Click here for information on the course schedules.

  • MindBridge Trainings International
  • MindBridge Trainings International
  • MindBridge Trainings International
MindBridge Trainings International

Coaches who have NLP skills are in demand, as they enhance the results in the coaching experience.

MindBridge Trainings International

2b Limitless Training Services

Our training and facilitation is about connecting and aligning organisations and teams with their missions, visions and goals through the development of powerful rituals. We help companies build greater engagement and trust in order to facilitate growth and success. Ultimately, companies work with us because of our ability to create great results through effective training.

  • Organisational Success Retreats
    (on-site or off-site)
  • Team Engagement for 5 to 500 people
  • Strategy Days
  • Accredited Coaching Certification
  • Accredited NLP Master and Practitioner Certification

Training with 2b Limitless builds greater engagement, and alignment within
your teams.

2b Limitless Team Building

Our tailored programmes assist in the development of team principles in your workplace through challenge, action and enjoyment. Through team challenge days, social events and team building, we can help your company forge an effective, driven and cohesive workforce.

  • Breaking Down Silos
  • Celebrating Team Successes
  • Increasing Engagement and Productivity
  • Enhancing Problem Solving Skills
  • Trust Based Collaboration
  • 2b Limitless Team Building
  • 2b Limitless Team Building
  • 2b Limitless Team Building
  • 2b Limitless Team Building

Team Building is about creating an effective, driven and cohesive workforce.

2b Limitless HR Services

We provide companies both large and small with the tools, structure and support they need to develop and implement effective HR strategies and solutions. By focusing on performance management and appraisals, policies and processes, communication and engagement, we deliver optimum business performance and the frameworks you need to make it sustainable.

  • Alignment of HR Strategy with Business Objectives
  • Enhancing Employee Engagement
  • Refining HR Delivery
  • Development of HR Metrics to Measure ROI
  • Develop Employee Communications Strategy

Our HR Services are all about supporting leaders to create an engaged workforce.

Personal Coaching

Our Personal Coaching programme is designed to help you succeed and grow. After an initial consultation we will design a plan that is unique to your needs. Together we will develop a consistent set of rituals set against your individual priorities and help you clarify, set and exceed your goals.

All of our personal coaches have a high skillset, are fantastic at building relationships, and provide a safe and confidential platform for coaching and growth. We provide a high level of support in between sessions.

  • Defining your goals and identifying your strengths
  • Identifying your barriers and how to overcome them
  • Creating your rituals and a blueprint for success
  • Developing your Emotional Intelligence
  • Help you to open up space so that you can make better, balanced choices

Personal Coaching is all about unlocking your
true potential.

'Best Year Yet'

Held each November, Best Year Yet is a dynamic and interactive week-long programme focused on helping you to achieve the goals that will make this year the best yet.

Activities include:

  • Individual 'Best Year Yet' Goal Setting Sessions
  • Golf Lessons Individual / Group and 2 at Rounds Blue Canyon
  • Corporate, Professional & Personal Round Tables
  • Daily Group & Individual Exercise (Dawson Sports)
  • Tri-Athlon Event (Optional)
  • 'Best Year Yet'
  • 'Best Year Yet'
  • 'Best Year Yet'
  • 'Best Year Yet'
  • 'Best Year Yet'
  • 'Best Year Yet'
  • 'Best Year Yet'
'Best Year Yet'

Parent Empowerment

Our Parental Coaching programme is designed to help bring families together and to make your family life the best it can be. We help take pressure off parents and provide them with a platform for honest discussion and identify relevant coaching tools that will help build better relationships, structure and consistency in your household.

All of our Parental Empowerment coaches have a background in education and/or psychology. They are fantastic at building relationships and importantly provide a safe and confidential platform for parents.

  • Creating your family vision, building communication and trust in families
  • Providing you with an impartial voice and knowledgeable sounding board
  • Developing a balanced, consistent, priority driven structure in your household
  • Give you an understanding of setting natural consequences and rewards

We offer parents the opportunity to improve their inner-family relationships.

Youth Empowerment

Our Youth Empowerment programme is designed to help your child or teen fulfill their potential. We recognise that every young individual has their own strengths and we help them identify these and use these to improve on skills that may need developing in order to maximise their growth.

All of our Youth Empowerment coaches are police checked to give you peace of mind. They have a background in psychology and/or education and importantly make children feel at ease, as they are fantastic at relating to their level.

  • Building their confidence and self esteem
  • Getting them to see things from different perspectives
  • Equipping them with coping mechanisms and strategies
  • Helping them to understand their emotions and deal with frustrations
  • Help identify strengths and improve their focus and behaviour

We help children improve themselves by equipping them with positive life habits.

Kids Apprentice

The 'Kids Apprentice' is a fun and engaging experience that will challenge, motivate and inspire creativity in kids aged 7-13 years old, whilst also teaching them valuable leadership and life skills, for now and their future.

Our experienced team of teachers and life coaches are on hand to mentor the children and equip them with valuable life tools and help them learn new ways of dealing with the different personalities within their team.

Click here to register your child in the next challenge.

  • Leadership and Teamwork
  • Creativity and Critical Thinking
  • Communication and Active Listening
  • Interpersonal Skills and Problem Solving
  • Kids Apprentice
  • Kids Apprentice
  • Kids Apprentice
  • Kids Apprentice

An engaging experience that will challenge, motivate and inspire creativity.

Kids Apprentice

Mick Todd
Director of Coaching & Training

Mick is the leader and founder of 2b Limitless. Mick has worked with a vast array of amazing individuals and high profile local and global organisations for the last fifteen years. He works extensively in the Middle East, Europe and Asia and the rituals of sustainable success are his focus.

He is the region's leading success and leadership coach and has a wide range of university qualifications in education, psychology, organisational behaviour and coaching.

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+971 50 153 5213

Rich Vivian
Head of High Performance Teams & Team Building Events

As a former elite team athlete with over fifteen years’ teaching and coaching gifted individuals and teams, Rich has a unique knowledge of the specific skills, mindset and application required to lead or be involved in a high performing team.

This insight has shown that individual elite performers grouped together do not necessarily make an elite team. Additional qualities, such as communication, deep trust and commitment to a common cause drive success. Whether it is sport or business, these common qualities are paramount. Away from work Rich enjoys maintaining a healthy lifestyle across most sports, cooking and time spent outdoors with family and friends.

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Fuzo Baird
StrengthsFinder Practitioner

Fuzo is a very optimistic and enthusiastic person with over twelve years of corporate experience, with a real passion for personal development to bringing positive change for the individuals and organizations she works with. She has high level expertise in talent development, personality profiling, 360 feedback and leadership competency based behavioral assessments. Her core competencies in this field have been used for developing: Large scale recruitment strategies, performance management and to assist in identifying Organizational Development needs.

Fuzo has been working predominately across Europe, Middle East & Africa with various corporate organizations, government institutions and individuals enhancing productivity and performance within these organizations and personal lives. Her goal is to improve team performance with measurable results.

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Bibi Sheikh
Head of HR & Development Coaching

Bibi is extremely personable and a strong communicator. Bibi uses these skills to adapt her style to clients' needs and builds trusting relationships to deliver success.

Bibi has over 10 years' experience in Human Resources and Coaching in London and the Middle East within corporate and top tier professional services Firms. She is an accredited ANLP Coach and Master Practitioner and a certified Six Seconds (SEI) Emotional intelligence assessor.

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+971 50 400 7359

Jason Grange

Jason is a physical trainer, conditioning coach and respected teacher who lectures fitness industry professionals extensively on all matters related to the improvement of physical performance. Jason takes a holistic approach to the assessment, education and training of his clients / patients, as he understands that the human body is made up of many complex inter-related systems. His focus, drive and passion to learning are second to none, and have taken him home and abroad to learn from the best in their fields. Having worked with a full spectrum of clients from adults, children and the elderly of various nationalities /ethnicities he has also trained professional athletes, worked in rehabilitation and has lectured to other would be / existing fitness professionals. He has written numerous articles regarding health, fitness and performance, and has appeared on the BBC and Dubai sport channel. Jason also delivered a successful exercise and educational anti obesity project in the UK aimed at children and their parents.

David Labouchere

David is an extraordinary human being. He is a retired British senior Army officer who spent 32 years as a soldier. He served in Northern Ireland, South America, West Africa and East Timor. He was part of the Iraq liberation in 1990 and in the Balkans. He led a Battlegroup in Iraq when he went back there in 2006 and also served in Afghanistan. He has twice been honoured personally by HM Queen Elizabeth II with an OBE and MBE for his actions while on military operations around world. He is a leadership expert who wrote the doctrine taught at the higher centres of learning for all British Forces and continues to deliver leadership training, specializing in team-building and goal setting.

Melanie Bangcaya
Office Manager

As the Office Manager of 2B Limitless, Melanie deals with the administrative aspect of the office and handles accounts at the same time. She took her MBA degree from San Beda College - Manila and a graduate of BS Commerce major in Management from Centro Escolar University - Manila.

In Philippines, Melanie had a solid background in banking as a Senior Accounts Officer specializing in Remedial Accounts. When she came to Dubai in 2010 she was offered and assigned administrative roles and duties and worked closely with the Managing Director of different companies, which helped her to become an adept Office Manager.

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