What Does Every Surfer Know

Greetings from London… I am here with my son exercising ‘optimism’ as I spoke about last week (Consistent, Decisive, Positive Action.)
We came across for the final of the Rugby World Cup… actually that is not the reason… ‘It is about spending quality time with my son…'
In 10 weeks time he is off to boarding school so these are moments that matter – A chance to make sure that my ‘audio and video’ match.
This is an important point because one of the greatest causes of stress in our life is when there is a gap between ‘what you say and do’ - this gap is called the ‘integrity gap’.

What are the key points of the ‘integrity gap’?

The Integrity Gap – The gap between what we say and what we do our ‘audio and video'!

What exists in this ‘gap’ - Stress

The only time anybody can question your ‘integrity’ is when you have opened the gap.

Priorities critical in order to close the integrity gap 'you need to know what every surfer knows’.
I love the surf, and every surfer knows 3 key things;

1. You cannot stop the waves.
2. You should not try and ride every wave.
3. You must be selective.

Life is a lot like surfing… you cannot stop it, it keeps coming… so in order to be successful you must prioritise be selective about the actions that you take. This also applies to feelings, you cannot stop them, you cannot ride them all you must be selective… Winners choose!