Corporate Training

Our training and facilitation is about connecting and aligning organizations and teams with their strategies, purpose, visions, values and goals through the development of powerful and engaging programs. We help individuals, teams and organizations build around strengths, engagement and performance. Develop cultures of trust in order to facilitate growth and success. Ultimately, the organizations consistently work with us because of our ability to create great results through our effective training process.


We believe great leaders help themselves and others to do the right thing and do things right. They are able to set direction, build an inspiring purpose and vision, and create a culture of success. Great leadership is about mapping out where you need to go to “succeed” as a team or an organization and building a path to get there; it is dynamic, exciting, and inspiring to be a part of and to follow.

The 2b Limitless leader ship training is led by David Labouchere OBE and focuses on building an understanding of classical models of leadership and supports leaders to develop their own style of leadership. David incorporates his rich narrative style of real world, high stakes leadership to create a compelling program that focuses on enhancing leaders understanding of their role in the growth and success of others.

Mick Todd, Acquisition International’s Executive Coach of the Year and Sacha Fitch support the process through individual and team leadership coaching.

‘Great leaders take people to places they could not get to by themselves!’

Henry A. Kissinger